Our Inspiration

Bustling & colourful bazaars and street-side eateries form an integral part of India. Every state of India has its own unique speciality of street food. It includes a wide variety of delicious snacks, scrumptious meals, desserts, milk shakes, cold drinks, flavoured crushed ices and ice creams.

Resourceful street vendors, with their unique and mesmerising skills, prepare these mouth watering delights in minutes right in front of your eyes on their small carts (popularly known as ‘Thelas’) or makeshift stalls.

Catering for everyone, from morning breakfasts for the early starters to midnight snacks for the late night workers, the street vendors and their street-side eateries are not only the lifeline of the busy working class of India but their mouth watering delights are also popular amongst the rich, the elite and the tourists.

Our menu pays tribute to these humble culinary geniuses. Combining local produce and exotic ingredients, we take pride in bringing authentic and exotic flavours from the bazaars of India to our friendly and relaxed setting closer to home. 


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Mon-Sat 3pm-11pm
Sun 3pm-10pm
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